The Roger Ramsey Team

The team at Roger Ramsey Building has over 48 years combined building experience which will be put to good use on your home, bringing you the best advice and recommendations.

Our team are well known for their friendly but professional attitude and they always strive to help customers. We guarantee you will have top quality staff working for you as we only accept the best when hiring staff.

Roger Ramsey, Owner/Operator

Married to Justine, with 4 children, Victoria, Zak, Greer and Ingrid. I am passionate about delivering the best quality to my clients. I completed my apprenticeship in 1988 with an old school builder who believed in quality and attention to detail. Together we worked on some beautiful homes.

I then travelled to Melbourne where I worked as a Labour only contractor for 2 ½  years, before returning home to start up my own business in 1991. I now have over 30 years in the building industry and understand the importance of meeting customer’s needs. You can relax knowing you are receiving quality professional work from a Registered Master Builder.

When I’m  not working on my business, I can always find jobs to do on the 100 acres we own and when time allows enjoy the odd Trail Bike ride, taking the kids out on the boat water skiing and fishing.

Justine Ramsey, Partner/Administrator

Ramsey Family

Justine married Roger and automatically joined the team. With past experience in book keeping after owning my own Beauty Therapy Clinic it was a given that I became involved in the business. My strengths were put to good use with the administration work, managing the accounts, wages, typing, annual book work etc. 

However I have proven to be rather skilled at the interior design and decorating with painting and wall papering some of our projects. In any spare time, after completing work and running around after the kids I do enjoy reading, gardening, quilting and have a passion for Island holidays. Although these are few and far between there is always a goal!!!

Looking for Builders in the Waikato with Experience and Expertise you can trust?

Trust is just one of the things we build well.

Had Problems with Builders Before?

Have you been let down by builders in the past? Has your building project run over budget and time? 
We know how important it is to you for your project to run well.  In every project we strive to give you the very best from us. That’s why our promise is: On Time. On Budget. Guaranteed.

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