Behind the scenes of a feature build

When the Symes Family approached Roger and the team, they knew it was going to be a special build. This home has been designed by an architectural draftsman who works closely with the RRB, and at just over 360 square metres, it’s one to impress.

Typically, a home of this size and design takes around 16 - 18 weeks to complete, but there are many things that can affect this (like the weather!) At Roger Ramsey Building, we do our absolute best to deliver your project within the given timeframe, so you can move into your dream home as soon as possible!

Follow the Roger Ramsey Building team as we build this stunning home in Matangi, Waikato. We’ll be tracking the process and showing you the anatomy of a build from start (December 2022) to finish (June 2023). 

Behind The Scenes of a Build

Featuring The Symes Project

We pride ourselves on having built homes and completed renovations for different generations of the Symes family for over 15 years, which is why our core attributes are based on 3 R's - Relationships, Reputation, and Reliability. We're also firm believers in quality, which is why we often get friends and family of clients coming to us for builds and renovations.

The Planning

From the initial free consult, to meeting and getting stuck into the design, Roger Ramsey Building journey with our clients to ensure their dream results. The planning phases is the most important part of the build to ensure the process is smooth. 

Thinking of building? We love to sit down with prospective clients over a coffee and help them realise their dream. If you have a few minutes, fill out our Project Questionnaire, this is a useful tool to help you determine your needs. 

The Ground Prep

The ground prep happens after the client finalises the design and consents are obtained. This is the start of the build!

The ground is literally prepped for the load that is about to be imposed on it. The topsoil is removed, it is then backfilled with sand and compacted to be a suitable surface on which to pour the foundations. The underfloor plumbing and drainage is placed and the foundations are boxed and reinforced, ready for the concrete pour. In this instance, the foundations and concrete slab are all done in one pour.

Check out the 'Before You Build' section of our website to give you some more information about how we work together to ensure your build is smooth sailing. 

The Foundations

The concrete foundations were poured at 4am, and thankfully the weather held off! Once the concrete ‘went off’, the Roger Ramsey Building team were on site stripping the boxing.

We know the build process can be stressful, and daunting. In fact, hidden costs, quality issues, and hold ups put 90% of people who build their own home, off building again. At Roger Ramsey Building, we have a few promises we stick to when completing our clients' builds, so you don't come up against any of these factors.

The Framing

Once the concrete was set, the Roger Ramsey Building team hit the ground running and were straight into framing, including standing the large chimney frames and lifting the beams into place. During this phase, the new aluminium joinery was measured up too.

Believe it or not, it’s not too late to make changes. At Roger Ramsey Building we encourage you to become involved with the creation of your project. Part of the Roger Ramsey Promise is great communication, which is the key to your home being done just the way you like it. If at any stage there are changes you’d like to make, just let us know and we guarantee we will do our best to accommodate them if possible. We will provide you with weekly updates to keep you informed of progress on your home.

The Trusses

We worked through as much of the wet weather as we could, and the Roger Ramsey Building team managed to get a good amount of the trusses and some purlins up over the course of the week. A lot was still happening in the background though – the window schedule has been signed off, the site measure for the garage door is booked in and we’re getting the fascia and roofing scheduled for installation. Next week, we’ll be wrapping the building and framing out the soffits. The Coloursteel fascia is booked for install next Friday, and the roofing will be installed the following Wednesday, all going well.

Have any questions for us about the build process? Get in touch.

The Wrapping

The Roger Ramsey Building team got stuck into wrapping the building, framing the soffits, and getting the bulk of the roof framing complete. Wrapping the building is an integral part of the build process, as it acts as a secondary defense against air and water penetration.

Exterior Joinery

Once the soffits were installed and the wrapping complete, the Coloursteel aluminium exterior joinery was installed. This project features thermally broken windows which will help to ensure that there isn't an exchange of cold air from the outside in wintery conditions.

A key stage in the building process is the installation of the exterior joinery. Quality joinery is crucial for ensuring durable and aesthetically pleasing structures, as it guarantees the structural integrity and longevity of furniture, doors, and windows. Similarly, thermally broken windows play a vital role in energy efficiency by minimising heat transfer and condensation, leading to reduced energy consumption and enhanced comfort in buildings.


While the exterior cladding is left in the expert hands of our preferred tradesmen, the Roger Ramsey team is busy working on other parts of the build and also project managing the Symes Project to ensure the final product is of quality and class.

Part of this quality assurance is the cladding options you choose. Here, the Symes Family have chosen a combination of Hardies weatherboards and brick, two durable, low-maintenance cladding options.

Running The Services & Insulation

During the building stage, before the GIB goes up, several essential elements are installed to ensure a functional and comfortable home for the Symes family.

Power and plumbing systems are meticulously integrated into the structure, allowing for reliable access to electricity and water throughout the building. Light switches and power points are also strategically positioned for the most effective placement once the family are moved in.

The heating and air conditioning systems are carefully placed to provide efficient cooling or heating within the home, and insulation is installed during this stage, helping to effectively regulate temperature and minimise energy loss. This enhances energy efficiency and reduces heating or cooling costs.

GIB (Internal Lining)

GIB board is a popular choice for wall and ceiling linings. The GIB boards are carefully measured, cut, and fitted onto the framework, creating a smooth and even surface. Wall and ceiling GIB lining helps contribute to soundproofing and insulation, reducing noise transmission and improving thermal efficiency. The application of Gib lining marks a significant milestone in the construction process, transforming the bare framework into a finished and habitable space.

Kitchen Installation

Quality materials and craftsmanship are paramount in creating a durable and stylish kitchen; a well-executed kitchen adds value and enhances the overall appeal of a new home. Designed and installed by our preferred kitchen subcontractor, the Symes kitchen installation sets the stage as the heart of the home. From the initial planning stages to the final touches, meticulous attention was given to ensure the kitchen design aligned with the Symes family's vision and suits their lifestyle.

Interior Joinery

A sense of refinement and functionality is brought to the newly constructed home when the interior joinery goes in, thanks to the expertise of the Roger Ramsey Building team who work diligently to fit and secure the doors, built-in vanities, and storage units. In the Symes build, Craig and Maria have chosen grooved two-piece doors that sandwich together around the opening. Architraves are attached, door stops are put on, and door handles are routed/drilled out.

It's these crucial steps; selecting high-quality materials and applying expert carpentry techniques. The result is a harmonious blend of form and function, creating a visually pleasing environment while maximising the efficient use of space.

Finishing Lines

Installing architraves and skirtings is a vital part of the building process, adding the finishing touches that bring a sense of elegance and refinement to the home. Alongside the architraves and skirtings, decorative mouldings are meticulously measured, cut, and fitted around doors, windows, and cabinetry to give a seamless look and feel.

GIB Stopping, Tiling & Painting

The Roger Ramsey Building team continue to project manage to ensure the project is a quality build. The GIB stopping, also known as plastering, is complete, taking the project one step closer to the finishing touches! The painter also comes in once the GIB stopping has been signed off, and the tiler completes their task in the kitchen and wet areas. At this stage, the home is almost complete - it's just a few finishing touches and furnishings!

Final Fit-Offs & Code of Compliance

The Symes Project is close to the final reveal! It's at this stage that the sparky comes in and fits the light switches and power points, and the plumber comes in to fit the taps, shower fittings, other plumbing fixtures, carpet and floor coverings throughout the home.

The Code of Compliance is the next step and refers to the process of obtaining a certification that states the completed home meets the requirements of the building codes, regulations, and local authorities. It basically ensures the new home meets certain safety, structural, and functional standards, covering areas such as electrical wiring, plumbing, fire safety, insulation, and structural integrity. Obtaining a code of compliance is an important milestone in the home build process as it signifies that the construction has met the necessary legal and regulatory requirements and can be occupied or sold with confidence.

The Grand Reveal!

Here it is - the grand reveal of this new build in Waikato, New Zealand! The Roger Ramsey Building team project managed the Symes Build from start to finish, ensuring their stamp of quality and class was on every surface!

The Roger Ramsey team are proud to have built and project managed the Symes’ new home!


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