Concept Drawings and Working Drawings

Getting drawings can be a daunting process, and can often slow the project down before you even get started. Roger Ramsey Building is able to help you with your home design, start to finish. We can design one-of-a-kind residential homes, create beautiful concepts for your home renovation/expansion, and can construct functional concepts for light commercial buildings.

If you have an overall home design idea but need a bit of guidance on finer details, Roger Ramsey Building can help you scope out what you’re looking to build, and can often bring ideas to the table you may not have considered.

Documentation Drafting

Council consents, permits and other building documentation can be a confusing process, and can often cost you more if you don't understand the system. At Roger Ramsey Building, not only can we help with your home design, but we can take care of all aspects of documentation required for your building project and take it through the consent process for you. 


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