It’s not always easy, but the Roger Ramsey Building team have extension renovation down to a fine art!

People conduct renovations on their homes for a multitude of different reasons. 

The key thing to remember is - when it comes to working with an already existing home, experience is key! At Roger Ramsey Building we have a lot of experience across a wide range of renovation projects. 

Small Renovations

We are not above the little things! At Roger Ramsey Building we understand that sometimes the small changes make a huge difference. As your life evolves, having a larger deck, a new garden shed or sleep out can be just the update you are needing to continue living in comfort.

Major Re-Build Renovations

This is by far the most complex of the renovation projects. How to take the ‘bones’ of an existing home, but change everything else, for a complete new look and feel inside and out!
The Roger Ramsey Building team has successfully completed this kind of build many times!

Extension Renovations

Sometimes you need more room to live, whether it is the parents moving in or the kids getting older and needing more of their own space! The key to a good extension renovation is to make the transition from ‘old home’ to 'new home’ appear seamless!

Kitchen Renovations and Bathroom Renovations

These heavy use areas of a home can get worn down or break down much faster than almost any other space! Redesigning these spaces will massively improve the overall look and feel of your home. It could also have a very positive impact on your homes future market value!

Maintenance, Residential, Light Commercial and Rural

Did you know that our team of builders are also experienced in the areas of residential and light commercial builds and maintenance work? For inquiries on our services in this area contact the team.

We love to sit down with prospective clients over a coffee and help them realise their dream with a
FREE CONSULTATION. So talk to us today about your project or renovation!

There is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’.

If you are lucky enough to find a builder with experience across a wide range of renovation projects, a whole world of options are open to you! 

Here are some of renovation issues that we have helped people solve: 

“We love the neighbourhood, but the kids have left and we are ready to have a bit more comfort and luxury.”

Accommodating a couple of grown adults is a very different thing to a house full of children and pets. When you are ready to shift into a different stage of life, a full home renovation might be the ideal way to start your new stage of life as ‘empty nesters’. 
Completing a full home renovation is not a task for your average builder! Understanding how to negotiate the complexities of already existing infrastructure, while still getting you the desired outcome, is not always easy. The builders at Roger Ramsey have many years of experience doing just that.

“We love our home, but the kitchen and bathroom have not aged well!”

These areas of your home get used very intently throughout the courses of a houses lifetime, probably more than any other area of the house. With all well-loved things, sometimes they get worn down and tired! Renovating your bathroom and kitchen areas can massively update the feel of your entire home. Also, because these areas involve things like complex plumbing, employing builders who are experienced in renovation can save you a lot of time and money!

“Our place is amazing, but our family is expanding and we need more room for them.”

Families are always growing and evolving in different directions. Whether it's a sleep out for the teenagers, a cottage for the in-laws, a bigger deck for summer BBQs or a shed for your latest hobby, there is always something that could improve on what you already have.
At Roger Ramsey Building we have never met a project too small or ‘interesting’ that our team wasn’t able to complete to the client’s total satisfaction. We understand that sometimes it’s not about major re-builds – it’s the little things that makes the biggest difference.

Video: Full Home Renovation

Mark and Raewyn didn’t want to move, because they loved their rural Waikato location, so they called on the builders at Roger Ramsey to do a full home renovation. 

The result is a beautiful new home with a reconfigured layout and creature comforts perfectly suited to the Pasco’s lifestyle.


We love to sit down with prospective clients over a coffee and help them realise their dream with a FREE CONSULTATION. If you have a few minutes, fill out our Project Questionnaire, this is a useful tool to help you determine your needs, or talk to us today about your project or renovation!


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